Fitness is more than my passion -

it has been my therapy, my outlet,
and the reason I’m alive today.

Ever since I started my recovery from anorexia nervosa (click here for my story), I have transformed my life in ways I never once believed possible. It started from realizing the limiting beliefs I was accustomed to for years, and attacking these thought patterns that contributed no service to my happiness.

From there, I was drawn to ways I could honour my body, reclaim my health, and root for the skin I wore - simply because I deserved it.

In stepping out of a caged world of deception and disorder, I have learned to grow without boundaries.

Fitness allowed for the cultivation of self-loving practice in my life - one that promotes wholehearted and unconditional acceptance for who I am.

Alongside my passion for fitness, I love sharing my story with others; simply knowing that my journey may inspire others has fuelled each and every ambition I've ever had. 

It brings me so much happiness to know that my journey can inspire growth within you.

May you grow by the inch, and fight for the inches xo