A guide that will inspire you to love yourself, while also growing the booty 


The FFG Guides are designed for all you babes looking to get strong in mind and body: whether your goals are to get fit, lose fat, build muscle, and get a strong af bod!

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Included in both Guide 1 and 2 is the FFG Guide eBook, a 100 page book that covers everything you need to make your fitness journey successful! 

The FFG Guide's content includes:


 An 8-week glute-focused training program with tips on how to tailor the guide for specific goals including:

  • tips on growing your glutes
  • how to gain lean muscle
  • ways to build strength
  • fat loss recommendations
  • cardio routines 
  • ab circuits

     Practical and real life ways to practice self-love, including:

    • how to workout for the right reasons
    • how to create fitness goals for empowerment
    • dealing with bad body image
    • overcoming social media pressures

     An entire chapter dedicated to all things food, including:

    • best foods to eat when dieting
    • how to modify your diet to fit your fitness goals
    • how to stick with your diet with flexibility, adherence, and enjoyment
    • how to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle

    • supplement recommendations to support your training
    • glute activation drills
    • video demonstrations of each exercise (will be posted within 2 weeks of the Guide’s launch)
    • be a part of a community made up of of strong af babes who value their health and fitness from the inside out.

        What Program is Best for you: Guide 1 or Guide 2? 

        Guide 1 contains PHASE 1.0 - a beginner friendly 8 week training program. If you’re new to the gym, struggling to stay consistent, or simply need to press the restart button on your fitness - Guide 1 is the way to go

        Guide 2 contains PHASE 2.0 - If you’re an intermediate or advanced lifter, this program is perfect for you! It’s a complete 8-week glute-focused training program that will challenge you to your full potential. 



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