Saying Hello to New Chapters: My Website Launch!

                      Fight for Growth Fitness is now live; and I couldn't be happier. 



There were so many questions I had to answer before launching my website. 

What is my message? 
What are my passions? 
How can I contribute? 

With a drawing board and pen in hand, I got crafty:

I began innovating ideas and ways I could truly showcase my passions for health and fitness, and in ways that would honour the self-loving principles that started this journey in the first place. 

What was once conceptual is now tangible for you all today. I am very proud of this moment.

There's great beauty in knowing that you can both love what you do

and have that passion possibly spark a fire in someone else's heart. 


if I can can spur a craving for your personal growth,

then you have filled me with gratitude. 


May you grow by the inch
and fight for the inches,